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quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

Miss Pain

God, would You cry?

Yeah, I know Your tears are the
rain that falls above us.

But did You know?
My tears fall so long.

Much more than Yours.
Because You know
I'm the reason
why there are tears.

And I'm the reason
why the world cries of pain.

Miss Pain, that's my name.

God, You know the truth.
Where faults prevail, there is sadness.
I'm the reason why, now You cry.
Letting Your tears falling on the town.
Spreading the pain to
everyone who feels it.

Feeling my pain
reliving the past of them.

Everyone sees the rain,
but no one knows how it's begun.

Miss Pain, that's my name.

God, as You see me.
You can see the pain
emanating from their hearts.

While You wonder
"why can't I help them?"
Yes, deep down You know.
This is what humanity deserves.

Miss Pain, that's my name.

Written by Evans

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